Gamba Family

In faraway 1880 Villa d’Almè was an important crossroad for reaching Val Brembana, Valle Imagna and the area of Bergamo, when in the main piazza of the historic village Gamba Giovanbattista started his business of selling cured meat products and opened a tavern. He was helped by his wife, children and grandchildren. In Giovan Battista's tavern, wayfarers could taste cured meat products, delicious meats and wellaged cheeses from the best valley-dwelling cheese makers. From Giovan Battista to his son, Edoardo, who developed and improved the “small business”. From Edoardo to his son, Celso who contributed to revitalising the slaughtering and meat selling activities. Experience, tradition and old fashioned values have been handed down to the present day. The company has grown and today, Claudia and Pierluigi, Giovan Battista’s grandchildren and current owners, together with about twenty employees, use the handcrafted tradition received from past generations as a basis to expand their range and to continually improve their customer service, which guarantees the continuous improvement of the products and manufacturing processes. The Gamba brand is now synonymous with goodness and authenticity, and it has received and continues to receive awards in terms of certifications
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