Tradition gives the cured meat producers and butchers of the Gamba company the artisan spirit for quality. There are many factors that come into play in the production of quality cured meat products and they involve all the processes inside the company: the selection of the raw materials, the processing of the meats, the curing process, the use of spices, drying, seasoning, storage and packaging.

What makes the difference then are time and the natural elements that give the product all those qualities necessary to make it stand out from the other products available on the market. We give our cured meat products all the time necessary to mature properly without any forcing. Each Gamba meat product gives off all the goodness of the Bergamo land from which it originates. To this is added the constant attention to and continuous improvements in the production techniques used by the company, the result of a successful union between the Bergamo culture, its secular traditions and constant focus on innovation and the environment.

Recognised and awarded by GAMBERO ROSSO among 29 Italian excellences and the Company has been mentioned on the first Grandi Salumi Guide. We also have been proudly mentioned on Slow Food Guide
“…the Company works with a special attention to a sustainable environment”

Short supply chain- km 0

The expression “0 km” is made up of two fundamental principles: the first is that the food must travel a short distance (in terms of Province or Region) before reaching the consumer's table, the second involves reducing the commercial path between the breeding (or harvesting) and the final consumer. The commercial distribution of food products, with long transport distances and inefficient logistics, is a leading contributor to the emission of greenhouse gases on a global scale. Choosing locally produced food helps to reduce pollution, as does choosing organic products, whose production is based on the respect for nature and the environment.
The Gamba Company continues with the artisan tradition passed down from previous generations, with the search for raw materials located in our province, or if this is not possible, in the Po valley. It was a natural choice that consciously helps the problem of greenhouse gas emissions and at the same time, adds value to local business and products.
This allows us to offer those, like us, who care about saving the planet and about the health of its inhabitants, products that come from a supply chain that is always shorter: local breeders, producers and suppliers.

To us this means:

- eco-sustainability which is enriched by other interesting aspects:

- sustainable energy: a photovoltaic system was installed on the roof of the company in 2010, which is used for the production processes.

- sustainable environment: a few years ago we replaced traditional detergents and disinfectants with completely organic and biodegradable naturally-derived detergents in all the company departments.


Open air pigs slughter in Bergamo's Province

Organic and Sustainable

La scelta del biologico per l’azienda Gamba è stata una continuazione naturale della politica aziendale legata sempre più al rispetto dell’ambiente e del territorio. Gli allevamenti da cui provengono le carni biologiche, non solo sono allevati con particolare attenzione a quello che mangiano (perlopiù mais e orzo con pisello proteico certificati bio per i suini), ma soprattutto sono animali che all'aperto fin dai loro primi giorni di vita (anche le scrofaie sono all'aperto). Ciò segue la naturale inclinazione degli animali che hanno bisogno di spazio , di scorazzare ,di unirsi in gruppi, pascolando e avendo libero accesso alle mangiatoie e agli abbeveratoi in qualsiasi momento lo desiderino , così che possano crescere senza subire nessuno stress tipico da allevamento intensivo.
E’ noto infatti che” la carne (intesa anche come grasso, affettati, insaccati ecc.) proveniente da allevamenti sostenibili… sono più ricchi in vitamina E e Omega 3, in gradi di proteggerci da molte malattie. E’’ stato constatato che 120 gr di prosciutto iberico /(nutrito a ghiande ) sono in grado di aumentare le sostanze antiossidanti nel sangue riducendo la perossiddazione dei grassi e quindi i fattori di rischio aterogenico (da “Mangia grasso e vivi bene“ del dott. F. Perugini Billi)

Suini neri (mora romagnola) sotto tettoia dove trovano cibo e acqua Suini neri (mora romagnola) sotto tettoia dove trovano cibo e acqua

Black swine (Mora Romagnola) in the shed where they find food and water

Food Safety: No gluten** -no glutamate** -no milk and milk products** -no allergens**

La sicurezza degli alimenti : No glutine* -no glutammato* -no latte e derivati* -no allergeni*

The safety and quality of what we buy and put on the table every day depends also on us. Problems relating to the safety of meat and meat products mainly concern the substances that are fed to animals, which can remain in the meat we buy. An important factor to ensure the absolute safety against possible frauds is to try to buy in local shops that offer meat coming from Italy, better still from the surrounding territory. Even better is to buy organic meat and cured meat products with a certified and guaranteed breeding and production method. Thanks to its search for suppliers of high quality raw materials, the Gamba Company can now certify that its meat and cured meat products don’t have gluten, glutamate, milk and milk products as well as other allergens added.


Solidarity Purchasing Groups

We happily dedicate this space to Solidarity Purchasing Groups, whose philosophy is intertwined with our efforts for a more ethical and therefore more responsible market.

In this increasingly more globalised market, it is essential to go to the source, to the origin. In this way we can know about the food we choose, contributing also to a more equal redistribution of the entire food supply chain.

For generations, our company has preserved the characteristics of a small family business promoting the choice of local products in order to have direct control on the raw materials and their genuineness. With the inclusion of the organic line we have gone in search of certified quality to offer consumers more guarantee, but above all we have gone in search of small local businesses (breeding farms) to collaborate with us in this privileged supply chain.

In fact, we believe that intensive breeding of any species, as well as intensive farming, are unsustainable behaviours: we must all “pay” a high cost for this lack of ethics. For this reason, the Gamba Company has chosen to support small and medium sized local businesses: people who are committed to offering sustainable products that are closer to the territory in order to enhance the local resources and health. We are a small company, and like other small companies, we often have to struggle against the ruthless policies of large companies supported by large importers and large distributors.

The native Americans, who were not savages, had a great respect for the role of animals within the entire ecosystem. They ate bison which they respected in life and in death, and the survival of their tribe was based on the consumption of meat. These “savages” continue to teach us a great lesson in sustainability and lead us to a precise choice of knowledge and awareness: all of us, both producers and consumers, have a great power, the power to continue to support and encourage the unscrupulous policies of large companies, of super/mega/hyper structures, fast food restaurants, or to put a stop to it by making a choice to buy from shops that are still linked to the territory, to focus on human relationships, to choose local products instead of foreign products.


Sintesi della qualità riconosciuta dalle autorità competenti sono i seguenti riconoscimenti che l’azienda ha ottenuto grazie ad una attività etica- responsabile – e di ricerca della qualità.